PEF accelerates air drying, saves energy and captures more of the natural shape, flavour, aroma and colour of the fresh produce

Save energy, increase capacity and reduce process time

The production process becomes more sustainable with shorter process times, providing energy savings and an increase in capacity.

Retain more flavour, aroma and colour

Shorter drying times and better process control enabled by PEF mean that the raw product retains more of its original colour, shape and flavour.

Better rehydration

Improved shape preservation with PEF treatment produces a more open product structure, enhancing rehydration.

Better shape retention

PEF treatment produces a higher quality product with increased form stability and less shrinkage.

PEF induces electroporation which opens cell membranes
in the treated product. This increases the internal
diffusion resulting in improved mass transfer

Find the right Elea PEF Advantage system for your drying

Elea PEF Advantage systems have a fully flexible processing capacity. Able to process a single vegetable or a full load with no impact on the PEF treatment and putting you fully in control of your production planning. All Elea systems are designed to be easily and fully integrated into your existing production line with minimal disruption.
We have installed more than 250 Elea PEF systems globally, working for some of the world’s leading food producers. Every Elea PEF Advantage system shares the same 24/7 production capability and is built to operate under extreme conditions.

Elea PEF Advantage benefits for air drying in greater detail

Better shape retention

Better colour

Better flavour & aroma

Retain a brighter and more intense colour with PEF.

At 75°C, the drying time decreases from 218 (untreated) to 151 min (PEF), a decrease of 30.7%. At 85°C, a drying time reduction of 27.6% from 152 to 110 min. 

This allows a gentle drying, with fewer quality losses at 75°C after applying PEF, having nearly the same drying time compared to an untreated sample dried at 85°C.

The open structure induced by PEF allows faster drying of leafy material, such as grass or spinach. Increased water removal results in shorter processing times, higher quality, brighter colour and more nutritional value.

In this example, tomato slices were dried at 50°C. A noticeable difference in moisture content over time was observed, demonstrating a shorter
drying time after PEF treatment.

The open cell structure caused by PEF improves rehydration. In this example, the final water uptake for the PEF-treated
the sample is 66.8%, nearly twice as high as for the untreated sample with 35.1%.

The figures here are for example purposes only and are dependent on the raw material

Elea customer support for air drying

From your initial brief to final installation, we quickly get your new PEF system working perfectly for your product.
Every PEF solution we provide for our clients is tailored to their specific requirements. 

We can trial your product at our specialist PEF piloting facility at our headquarters in Quakenbrück, Germany, or we can run trials on location at your production line.

Once trials are finished, you can be sure that you are getting the most optimal PEF treatment for your product.

Our scientists and engineers work with our clients every step of the way offering expert guidance and professional advice for your chip product. We take your product concept and apply our industry-leading knowledge and experience to designing a system that will deliver greatest value.

Technical care and support

We offer a range of service options including remote monitoring and 24 hours support.

Installation and commissioning

Our specialist installation teams work closely with our customers to ensure smooth, swift and successful commissioning of our systems into your production line.

24 / 7 / 365 Support

As part of our service contract, we supply each customer with round the clock technical support. With our team of support engineers, options for remote maintenance and on-site spare parts, we keep you up, running and efficient.

Remote monitoring

Optionally the ELEA PEF-systems can be connected for remote diagnostic and support by our Customer Service Department. For this option, ELEA can offer a specific package.

With our team of support engineers, options for remote maintenance and on-site spare parts, we keep you up, running and efficient.

Meet the Elea air drying team

Kevin Hill
R&D Engineer (M. Sc.)
Madita Kirchner
Food Engineer
Jimmy Kinsella
Engineering Manager
Johannes Pfeiffer
Sales Manager
The Elea air drying team includes process engineers, food and bio technologists, mechanical and electrical engineers and more – all of whom specialise in Pulsed Electric Field.