Elea Industry Tour – Taste the PEF – LCA Food Conference 2020
Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF) treatment changing food processes: Impact on capacities, efficiency, quality, waste management and sustainability.

The majority of consumers want more sustainable products and packaging. the food industry is facing massive challenges to adequately satisfy the shift in consumer demands. LCA2020 is an established conference designed for Associations, Industry and NGOs to jointly develop solutions and strategies to transform these challenges into opportunities for growth.

Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF) technology has many positive effects on various types of food products. An increased extraction yield, better cutting properties and a reduction of microbial concentration in liquid food are examples of commercially viable applications.

PEF is a powerful process to improve raw material processing and to maintain a constant product quality.

During the Elea company tour, we will demonstrate the PEF impact on food processing with a focus on sustainability effects. The effect of PEF on energy

and water-saving and waste management is very impressive.

Together with Sergiy Smetana (Chair of the conference and Head of Food Data Group at the German Institute of Food Technologies DIL e.V.), we will talk about the sustainable effects of PEF treatment of potatoes and in the production of wine, olive oil and juice. The tour is rounded off with a practical PEF demonstration and a visit to our industrial PEF systems.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Elea!


Prof. Dr. Stefan Töpfl
Managing Director at Elea

Dr. Claudia Siemer
R&D Manager at Elea

Julian Witt (M. Sc.)
R&D Engineer at Elea