The publicly funded project “iAlgaePro” was now presented as “project of the month” by the FEI (Research Association of the German Food Industry).

In this project, ELEA’s PEF equipment and know- how is used to enhance the extraction of valuable compounds from Algae. Algae was identified as one of the future sources of nutrients and an interdisciplinary research team is now working on a way to improve cultivation, harvesting and extraction of different strains of algae using a new combination of mesh-ultra-thin-layer technology, membrane-based harvesting and innovative separation and extraction methods, such as pulsed electric fields on Spirulina, Chlorella and Scenedesmus strains.

Intermediate results have just recently been presented and look promising to achieve the aim of creating an efficient process for the production of the nutrients of the future.

FEI Project of the month January 2016