Abstract submission

Abstract submission for the Elea PEF Advantage Day 2022 is open until 6 November 2022.

Participate at the Elea PEF Advantage Day 2022 by sharing your work with industry experts. The PEF Advantage Day offers excellent opportunities to learn from PEF use in different sectors, to network with experts and to expand your professional knowledge. Abstracts are invited for poster and/or oral presentations in all areas of Pulsed Electric Field use in the food, beverage extraction or biotechnology field. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by experts in the field, and if approved, scheduled for either oral or poster presentation. Do not miss the opportunity to share your work at our in-house expert event for PEF use in the industry.

Deadline 6 November 2022

Instructions for submitting abstracts

Please read carefully the instructions before you proceed with the submission of your abstract (available at the bottom of this page).

1.       General guidelines

All abstracts should be submitted electronically through the submitting form below.

The deadline for the submission is 6 November 2022. Abstracts received after closing of the abstract system will not be accepted.

By submitting the abstract you agree and confirm that:

  •  if the abstract is accepted, it will be published on the website of Elea Technology.
  •  if the abstract is accepted, you will attend the Elea PEF Advantage Day 2022. To confirm your attendance, you have to register for the event. If you have not registered your abstract will be removed from the programme.
  • if you are unable to join the PEF Advantage day in person, we can arrange online slots for presentations and discussion
  • your abstract will not be edited. You are responsible for any spelling, grammatical and typographical errors.

2.       Type of abstracts

We welcome the submission of the following types of abstracts:

  • Research abstracts
  • Case studies
  • Practice abstracts
  • Training and education abstracts

3.       Types of presentation

You should indicate your presentation preference. The following possibilities are available:

  • Oral presentations: 30-minute sessions with 10 minutes per speaker including discussion. There will be 3 speakers.
  • Poster presentations: All posters must be submitted in advance to the conference and will be displayed during the conference:
    • Poster displays: these include a number of poster abstracts. These posters are merely displayed on the poster stations during the entire event and can be presented/moderated by the submitter.

4.       Event topics

Please make sure that your abstract topic fits in one or more of the following core applications of the PEF Advantage Day 2022:

  • PEF use in the food sector
  • PEF use in the beverages sector
  • PEF use for extraction
  • PEF use in biotechnology

5.       Guidelines for authors

All abstracts must be submitted and, if accepted, must be presented in English.

All abstracts have a limit of 3,000 characters, including spaces but excluding title and authors’ information.

Author and co-author: Identify all authors with name, last name, email and full affiliation (institution, address and country). Please make sure that you use the English version of the institute, town and country. Spell out the full name of the institution and do not use abbreviations.  Please make sure that the presenting author is also listed under authors.

6.       Notification

You will be notified of the acceptance of your abstract(s) by 8 November 2022 via email.

7.       Awards

The abstract submitted will be evaluated by a jury of industry and scientific experts and the prizes will be awarded on 17 November 2022. On this occasion, the best three abstracts will receive prizes amounting to a total of 1,000 euro.

1. Prize – 500,- Euro
2. Prize – 300,- Euro
3. Prize – 200,- Euro

Submit your abstract