Discover the remarkable benefits of PEF for your raw material products with the Elea PEFPilot™ Dual.

We’ve created the Elea PEFPilot™ Dual system to help our clients explore the potential of Pulsed Electric Fields for their solid and liquid raw products on-site in their laboratory or factory.

We can help our clients uncover the benefits of PEF such as the potential for dramatic new shapes, greater yield, brighter colours and higher quality, both in our Quakenbrück facilities in Germany, or via trials in their own pilot hall.

This trial system mirrors the process of the larger belt systems and can be used for research purposes. The design has focussed on a compact but versatile system allowing to process solid products in batch as well as pumpable products in a continuous mode. The low inductivity, semiconductor typology based PEFPilot Dual™ can process up to 10 l volume in batch mode and up to 250 l/h in continuous mode. Using a patent-pending quick coupling mechanism the conversion is fast and easy.

The PEFPilot™ Dual benefits from flexible treatment parameters that allow our clients to experiment and discover the benefits of PEF available. Ability to explore the effects of electric field strength, specific

energy input and sample size provide clients with the opportunity to truly explore their hypothesis and make new and exciting snack and beverage discoveries.

We offer the PEFPilot™ Dual with different treatment chamber sizes up to a volume of 10L for batch mode and up to 250 l/h in continuous mode to give the best flexibility for changing process parameters, along with adjustable electrode settings.

This freedom enables clients to test any kind of raw produce, from several potatoes to a single apple, or even fruit mash to a suspension.

After the experimentation has been completed, our clients can then move forward to replicate the process and PEF parameters and begin to experience the whole range of PEF benefits on a large scale.


Trial the benefits of PEF such as better quality, longer or more dramatic shapes and exciting new opportunities by trialling the PEF treatment in your own lab.


It’s so simple to get started. Fill the bath with water and the raw material, close the lid, set your chosen parameters then start the PEF treatment – it’s as easy as that.

Using a touchscreen panel, the Elea PEFPilot™ DUAL allows the operator to easily change the treatment parameters such as field strength and specific energy input. This makes finding the optimum treatment parameter and replicating it on a larger scale very easy.


The Elea PEFPilot™ Dual unit is manufactured to the highest specifications and built with safety in mind. We provide full and comprehensive PEFPilot™ Dual training to ensure that the system is handled and maintained correctly so clients can really reap the benefits of PEF.

We also have a range of pro-active service contracts so if you’re in need of assistance, or even need us to access your  PEFPilot™ Dual system remotely, then we’re able to wherever you are in the world.


With PEFPilot™ Dual our clients can mirror their current production processes and compare the end product with one that’s PEF treated to really see the difference in appearance and quality.

By adjusting their original process to one that’s enhanced with PEF, our clients are able to make the most of their raw produce and achieve a higher yield, better quality and potential for exciting new solid shapes.