PEF Pilot Dual

The world’s only fully modular and configurable PEF solution for producing and testing liquid and solid foods.

Liquids & liquid food

PEF Pilot dual and DN 80 mm chamber processing grapes and improving the extraction of juice at a winery.

Solid & semi-solid food

PEF Pilot dual with semi-continuous meat chamber. Processes meat and other solid or semi-solid material with automated in - and outfeed.

Solid batch piloting

Test any raw product, from several potatoes to a single apple or even fruit mash to a suspension.

Microbial inactivation

Holds continuous chambers, a number of configurations available, including co-linear, co-axial or parallel plate.

The PEF Pilot dual is a highly versatile electroporation station. The core unit, designed primarily for pilot scale testing, is customisable with the addition of external plug in units. These units are designed to service specific applications and increase the PEF Pilots processing capacity.

The turn key solution for both tesing and processing with Pulsed Electric Field

Testing food with PEF Pilot Dual

Designed for research, the core PEF Pilot Dual system allows clients to fully explore the potential of Pulsed Electric Field for their solid and liquid raw products. Versatile, easy to use and compact, the PEF Pilot Dual is ideal for use in the laboratory or on-site in the factory.

Processing your product with PEF Pilot Dual

The PEF Pilot Duals’ precise and powerful PEF generator makes it the perfect driver for a large variety of applications. Using the addition of plug-in external units, the PEF Pilot Dual can process nearly any liquid or solid food for smaller production lines.

Above, we can see the PEF Pilot Duals core unit with examples of the easy to change
modular treament plates.
Here we can see the core PEF Pilot dual with an external treatment cabinet with large pipe.

Elea PEF Pilot Dual core system specification

Pulse Generator


PLC, touch screen, measurement of peak voltage and current, connectors for oscilloscope, safety interlock, emergency off, flow meter, and temperature sensors.


400 V, 50 Hz.


Water and air cooled.


1455 x 1792 x 1129 mm (W x D x H), stainless steel cabinet.

Treatment Chamber


Batch mode up to 10kg per batch. Continuous mode up to 250 l/h.
Other capacities available with the external treatment cabinet – endless opportunities.

Services Required


400V, 50 Hz, 35 A (10 kW), 480V, 60 Hz, 32 A (10 kW)

The PEF Pilot Dual in industry

For batch chambers from a few ml to 10L volume, quick connection coupling for easy operation

 Semicontinous chamber for solid food

DN 80 mm chamber processing wine up to 7 t/h

The PEF Pilot Duals modular design enables easy adaptation to almost any application, providing you with a custom PEF solution optimised for your requirements. With its compact design and small footprint, the PEF Pilot Dual is easily integrated into the most compact production line.

Greatly reduce malaxation time, increase yield and enhance quality for olive processing

Improve extraction, enhance quality, increase yield, reduce energy & save water

Trial your application with PEF Pilot Dual

Discover the benefits of PEF for your product and optimise your treatment parameters, using PEF Pilot Dual to mirror your industrial-scale process in the lab or on-site.

 Liquid chamber for inactivation & extraction

 Semicontinous chamber for solid food

DN 80 mm chamber processing wine

At Elea, we can also run trials to test your product with PEF in our custom-built pilot halls. Our fully equipped, state-of-the-art facilities emulate your production process, and our application support team is with you to offer expert guidance and professional advice from concept to delivery.

Pulsed Electric Field pilot hall testing at Elea

Our application support team can have you up and running with your PEF Pilot Dual in no time

Our application support team has helped hundreds of clients find the best PEF solution for their needs. Elea scientists and engineers are with you every step, offering expert help and guidance from concept to delivery

Matching you with the best PEF solutions

With more than 200 systems installed globally, we are the world’s most popular PEF solutions provider to the food and beverage industries. Elea PEF Advantage systems are designed and manufactured at our facility in Germany to the highest standards, with each system customizable to your specific requirements.

Application support

At Elea, our experts can manage your PEF project from blueprint to production line, on-time and on-budget. Every PEF system we design is tailor-made to your specific needs. We test the efficacy of our PEF system in our custom-built pilot hall here in Quakenbrück, fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to emulate your production process.

Technical care & support

With our team of support engineers, options for remote maintenance and on-site spare parts, Elea keeps you up, running and efficient.
We offer a full 24-hour support service around the world. Our specialist installation teams work closely with our customers to ensure smooth, swift and successful commissioning of our systems.

Meet the PEF Pilot Dual Team

Johannes Pfeiffer

Sales Manager

Jimmy Kinsella

Engineering Manager

Claudia Siemer

R&D Manager
The Elea PEF Pilot Dual team includes process engineers, food and bio technologists, mechanical and electrical engineers and more – all of whom specialise in Pulsed Electric Field.