PEF Control

Directly measure PEF impact on the cell disintegration and control and optimise mass transport processes, such as sugar extraction, drying or infusion.

Adaptable and easy to use

Achieve instant results for any type of root, tuber or fruit.

Compact and portable design

Compact and easy to transport makes PEF control suitable on-site or in the lab.

Fast and easy to read results

PEF control provides instant and easily read results

The PEF Control has been developed to accurately measure the cell disintegration level in roots, tubers, vegetables, other food products, and small food like berries, both before and after PEF treatments. 

The PEF Control system is an industry-ready measurement unit that’s ideal for use in a research lab, yet it’s also portable enough to allow direct operation right at the heart of the production line. Delivered with a handy storage and transport case, the system also comes with a measuring fork on a handle as standard.

Designed and built with the same care, quality and technical expertise as our other systems, it’s the ideal addition to understand and enhance the benefits of PEF treatment.

It is based on impedance measurement for cell integration, a test method described by Angersbach, Heinz and Knorr (1999)Angersbach, Heinz and Knorr (2000)