Extend shelf life, retain more taste, colour, aroma and nutritional value, and improve extraction for your juice and smoothies

Elea PEF Advantage systems are the alternative to both thermal and HPP processing, providing reliable, continuous 24-hour processing

Premium quality with extended shelf-life

PEF enables safe preservation of the raw product at low temperatures, retaining more of the freshness and nutritional value lost to traditional pasteurisation techniques.

Low running and maintenance costs

PEF processing costs of 0,01 – 0,02 € per litre of product, substantially lower than any other low thermal technology suitable for juices or smoothies.

Use any packaging material

PEF is applied prior to filling and independent of the type of bottling material. PET or glass bottles, pouches or other consumer packaging can be used. B2B solutions such as sterile tanks are also suitable.

PEF dramatically improves extraction

PEF causes pores to form in the plant cell which improves extraction. Yield can be increased, and valuable compounds can be extracted without the need for additional enzymes.

Elea systems are easy to install and scale to your requirements

With capacities from 50L – 5,000L per hour, our PEF Advantage Pipe (1, 10, 100 and 1000) systems can be scaled to your requirement. Their compact designs are easy to install, simple to configure and require little maintenance. PEF is a continuous process making it an attractive alternative to HPP processing.

Find the right Elea PEF Advantage system for your juice and smoothie production

We offer a range of different-sized Elea PEF Advantage Pipe systems suitable for processing juices with varying line capacity. Elea systems put control in the hands of the operator and offer customisation of the process parameters. A compact design and small footprint enable easy integration into your production line.

We have installed more than 200 Elea PEF systems globally, working for some of the world’s leading food producers.

Elea PEF benefits for juice

The Benefits of Elea PEF Advantage P systems for juice production

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Inactivation benefits

Process time vs quality

PEF results in lower energy costs, long shelf life and high quality. PEF preserves valuable compounds, juices and smoothies retain their natural nutritional value, including vitamins, antioxidants and pigments, to produce a healthier, fresher, more appetising, long lasting final product.

Comparing PEF to thermal and HPP

PEF’s low-temperature processing produces a quality product comparable with HPP but with lower costs and better production benefits.

Thermal energy load and temperature-time profile. PEF compares favourably to HPP with vastly reduced pasteurisation units compared to thermal.

Temperature-time profile demonstrates comparable processing time to thermal with lower and faster temperature spike.

Extraction benefits

Increased juice yield

PEF causes pores to form in the plant cell, which improves extraction. Yield can be increased, and valuable compounds can be extracted without the need for additional enzymes.

Improved extraction of apple juice with PEF.

Improved carrot juice extraction

Easy integration of PEF into your production line

 All data provided is subject to testing.

How does PEF inactivate juice and smoothies

PEF induces electroporation causing pore formation in the bacteria’s cell membrane 


The raw product enters one of our Elea PEF Advantage Pipe systems.

Bacteria cell being treated in the PEF chamber


Positively and negatively charged ions are attracted to their respective electrodes generating an additional charge to the existing transmembrane potential. Pore formations occur when the critical value is exceeded.


Once the cell membrane is open, the bacteria can no longer survive.
They are now inactivated (dead).

Technical care and support

We offer a range of service options including remote monitoring and 24 hours support.

Installation and commissioning

Our specialist installation teams work closely with our customers to ensure smooth, swift, and successful commissioning of our systems into your production line.

24 / 7 / 365 Support

As part of our service contract we supply each customer with round the clock technical support. With our team of support engineers, options for remote maintenance and on-site spare parts, we keep you up, running and efficient.

Remote monitoring

Optionally the ELEA PEF-systems can be connected for remote diagnostic and support by our Customer Service Department. For this option, ELEA can offer a specific package.

With our team of support engineers, options for remote maintenance, and on-site spare parts, we keep you up, running, and efficient.

Meet the Elea juice & smoothies team

Claudia Siemer
R&D Manager
Marc Schmidt
Food Engineer
Jimmy Kinsella
Engineering Manager
Johannes Pfeiffer
Sales Manager
The Elea juice and smoothies team includes process engineers, food and biotechnologists, mechanical and electrical engineers, and more – all of whom specialise in Pulsed Electric Field.