Elea is driven by world-leading food technologists and engineers. Together we can take your concept through research to final installation and production.


We’re continually running product trials, constantly adding to our knowledge and experience of Pulsed Electric Field.

Elea PEF technology has created game changing developments in food and beverage processing around the world.

With more than 250 PEF systems in full production today we are recognised as sector leaders with a first-class reputation for our scientific and engineering expertise.

Over the years we have developed systems and procedures that help manage a project from blueprint to production line, on-time and on-budget.

Our scientific and technical staff work closely with our clients to provide tailor-made solutions through a tried and tested process that involves

research, design, manufacture and support of our PEF machines.

We are continually running product trials and as a result, we are continually learning.

This accumulation of knowledge and experience benefits our clients because it helps streamline the development process thereby delivering considerable savings in both time and budget.

  • Shelf life study for liquids.
  • Optimisation studies: trials regarding process optimisation and process savings.
  • Long term trials on customer site.
  • Frying trials with new cutting shapes or new raw materials.


Every PEF system we design is tailor-made to your specific needs.

We take your product concept and apply our industry-leading knowledge and experience to designing a system that will deliver greatest value.

We test the efficacy of our PEF system in our custom-built pilot hall here in Quakenbrück, which is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to emulate your production process.

Our scientists and engineers are with you every step of the way offering expert guidance and professional advice from concept to delivery.

Here are some of the features of our offering:

  • Trial batch PEF system with various chamber sizes.
  • Continuous liquid PEF system + liquid handling system (tube in tube heat exchanger/cooling system).
  • Industrial scale slicers with various cutting heads allowing to cut new and special shapes (eg. Gothic arch cut).
  • Professional fryers to mimic typical frying curves.
  • Cutting force measurement devices.
  • Good collaboration with local laboratories.
  • Various juice extracting machinery for eg. citrus fruits, fruits and vegetables and mashes.
  • Special freezing and drying equipment.
  • Packaging machine in tabletop size (eg. vacuum or nitrogen packaging).
  • Wide range of analysis equipment.


The scientists that work at Elea are the world’s leading experts in Pulsed Electric Field.

We are a specialized company made up of specialists – engineers, food technologists, bio technologists and process engineers all specialising in food, bio and PEF processing here at Elea.

We’re constantly learning and developing our knowledge bank, cross-fertilising ideas and sharing experiences across product sectors.

And we’re growing too. We’re recruiting from the top of the scientific and engineering talent pools around the world bringing in new ways of thinking to add to our existing core knowledge and proven processes.

When you work with us you’ll discover we don’t employ sales people, just the best scientific and engineering minds in the sector – so you are dealing directly with the people who can make quick and informed decisions and progress projects quickly and efficiently.


Attracting the top scientific and engineering minds will help maintain our position and reputation well into the future.

At Elea, we’re investing in our future to keep us at the forefront of food technologies.

Every year our R&D department recruits a substantial number of university students giving them the work placement opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to a real world situation.

Under our guidance and supervision, each student works on a PEF- related project that counts as their

bachelor or masters thesis, while adding to our cumulative knowledge bank here at Elea.

In addition to our in-house student programme, we have a long history of collaboration and partnership with academic institutions such as the University of Applied Science Osnabrück.