Increase yields for wine, olive oil, yeast, algae, coffee, vegetables, fish, meat and more with our pipe extraction systems.


Enhance quality, increase yield, reduce energy & save water

Olive oil

Significantly reduce malaxation time, increase yield and enhance quality


Improve quality, extend shelf life, reduce costs and increase yields

PEF treatment can improve the retrieval of valuable substances like lipids, proteins, and other functional biomacromolecules, and expedites fermentation processes, leading to higher yields, increased capacity, and enhanced product quality.

PEF extraction demonstration with PEF

Watch a simple demonstration of the effectiveness of PEF extraction.

Find the right Elea PEF Advantage P e system for you

We offer a range of different-sized Elea PEF Advantage Pipe systems suitable for extraction. Elea systems put control in the hands of the operator and offer customisation of the process parameters. A compact design and small footprint enable easy integration into your production line.
Every Elea PEF Advantage systems share the same 24/7 production capability and are built to operate under extreme conditions.

The Benefits of Elea PEF Advantage P systems for olive oil production

PEF gently opens the pores in the olives cell membrane, increasing extraction. After treatment, malaxation time and temperature are reduced, and yield increased.

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PEF reduces malaxation time, increasing process capacity

Increase process capacity. Process more olives early season and win more EVOO.

Increased olive oil yield with PEF by up to 10%

Improved extraction with PEF treatment results in reduced oil losses in the pomace.

Increased EVOO yield cost-benefit example 

We can illustrate the cost-benefit of PEF with a simple calculation. PEF treatment can potentially increase the oil yield from 20 to 22.7%.

In an industrial oil mill operating at 160 t/day, PEF treatment could increase the EVOO daily production by 4.33 t (from 32 to 36.33 t). Let’s assume an EVOO price of 2-4 €/kg; this results in a potential extra turnover of between € 8,660 & € 17,320 per production day.

Data calculated from 160 t of olives per day

Increased olive oil quality with greater retention of biophenols  

Pulsed Electric Field improves the quality of the olive oil by retaining greater amounts of biophenols resulting in more EVOO.

Noticeable increase of fruitiness, bitterness, and spiciness by independent panel testing

We had our PEF treated olive oil assessed for quality by Mulitchrom lab in Greece. An independent blind tasting panel compared untreated and PEF treated olive oil and recorded an increase in quality in all three taste categories used to grade EVOO.

 All data provided is subject to testing.

Discover Pulsed Electric Field technology for your olive oil production

Watch our online PEFinar presented by our principal scientist Oleksii Parniakov and find out more about how PEF works and how it benefits olive oil production.

Technical care and support

We offer a range of service options including remote monitoring and 24 hours support.

Installation and commissioning

Our specialist installation teams work closely with our customers to ensure smooth, swift, and successful commissioning of our systems into your production line.

24 / 7 / 365 Support

As part of our service contract we supply each customer with round the clock technical support. With our team of support engineers, options for remote maintenance and on-site spare parts, we keep you up, running and efficient.

Remote monitoring

Optionally the ELEA PEF-systems can be connected for remote diagnostic and support by our Customer Service Department. For this option, ELEA can offer a specific package.

With our team of support engineers, options for remote maintenance, and on-site spare parts, we keep you up, running, and efficient.

Meet the Elea olive oil team

Oleksii Parniakov

Principal Scientist

Steve Allardice

Business Development

Jimmy Kinsella

Engineering Manager

Johannes Pfeiffer

Sales Manager
The Elea olive oil team includes process engineers, food and biotechnologists, mechanical and electrical engineers, and more – all of whom specialise in Pulsed Electric Field.

Pulsed Electric Field food processing systems. Improve your product & production with Elea electroporation.

Elea Pulsed Electric Field food processing enhances your production line, improves the quality of your product and provides savings in time and energy. PEF opens the cells of fresh produce (electroporation) resulting in significant increases in yield, freshness, flavour and nutritional preservation.

PEF for solid food

Elea PEF Advantage Belt

PEF Advantage Belt systems process solid food products such as roots, fruits and vegetables. PEF provides many benefits to a broad range of solid food products, such as improved cutting, greater yields, energy savings, improved quality and new product opportunities.

New product opportunities

PEF for liquid food

Elea PEF Advantage Pipe

PEF Advantage Pipe systems process pumpable liquid and semi-liquid products – juices, syrups, mash and pumpable non-foods. PEF is a low-temperature alternative to pasteurization and HPP processing. PEF inactivates bacteria, increases shelf life and retains more natural nutritional value of the fresh product.

Reduce cost


PEFPilot Dual

Our trial batch system designed for scientific and pilot scale applications. Explore the potential of electroporation using Pulsed Electric Fields for solid and liquid products with the world's first commercially available PEF system able to treat both.

Pilot scale

What can Elea Pulsed Electric Field food processing systems do for your product?

Elea Pulsed Electric Field systems use precise and targeted electrical pulses to open the cell membrane (electroporation) of raw products. It’s a clean, gentle and targeted process that can be used to benefit a broad range of products.