Improve extraction, enhance quality, increase yield, reduce energy & save water

Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology can be applied at three separate stages during wine production. PEF treatment of the mash, the lees and the wine bring benefits to vinification processes and the quality of the wine.

Mash Treatment

Mashed grapes are pumped through the Elea PEF Advantage system and treated. Pulsed Electric Field opens the cell membrane of the grapes, accelerating extraction.

Faster extraction results in:
  • Reduction of maceration time from 10-12 days to 5-6 days.
  • Doubling maceration capacity
  • Improved quality: higher colour intensity, higher polyphenol content can make the wine more suitable for aging.

Lees treatment

PEF treatment accelerates autolysis, releasing valuable compounds like polysaccharides, amino-acids, and mannoproteins from the cell walls at a much faster rate.

Faster yeast autolysis results in:
  • Time reduction of aging on the lees from 180 days to 30 days.
  • Produce more complex wines, better mouthfeel.

Wine treatment

PEF can inactivate microorganisms during ageing or before bottling and stabilise the wine, reducing the amount of SO2 added to the wine to prevent spoilage.

Control fermentation and spoilage
  • Increased safety for unfiltered wines
  • Use less SO2
PEF is a low-temperature treatment, that replaces thermovinification during the mash treatment. PEF opens pores in the grape’s cell membrane, using a precise, targeted and rapid electrical pulse. This enhances the extraction of valuable compounds such as polyphenols and aromatic precursors. 

Find the right Elea PEF Advantage system for your wine production

We offer a range of different sized Elea PEF Advantage Pipe systems suitable for processing grape mash, lees and wine with varying line capacity. Elea systems put control in the hands of the operator and offer customisation of the process parameters. A compact design and small footprint enable easy integration into your production line.
We have installed more than 175 Elea PEF systems globally, working for some of the world’s leading food producers.
Every Elea PEF Advantage systems share the same 24/7 production capability and are built to operate under extreme conditions.

The Benefits of Elea PEF Advantage P systems for wine production

The diagram below illustrates where Pulsed Electric Field treatment can be applied to the winemaking process.

PEF improves colour, quality and capacity by enhancing extraction

Improved colour and polyphenol extraction, click on the drop down menus below to find out more.

Improved polyphenol extraction by PEF during maceration.

Improved colour extraction by PEF during maceration.

 All data provided is subject to testing.

Discover Pulsed Electric Field technology for your wine production

Watch our online PEFinar presented by Julian Witt and find out more about how PEF works and how it benefits wine production.

Technical care and support

We offer a range of service options including remote monitoring and 24 hours support.

Installation and commissioning

Our specialist installation teams work closely with our customers to ensure smooth, swift, and successful commissioning of our systems into your production line.

24 / 7 / 365 Support

As part of our service contract we supply each customer with round the clock technical support. With our team of support engineers, options for remote maintenance and on-site spare parts, we keep you up, running and efficient.

Remote monitoring

Optionally the ELEA PEF-systems can be connected for remote diagnostic and support by our Customer Service Department. For this option, ELEA can offer a specific package.

With our team of support engineers, options for remote maintenance, and on-site spare parts, we keep you up, running, and efficient.

Meet the Elea wine team

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The Elea wine team includes process engineers, food and biotechnologists, mechanical and electrical engineers, and more – all of whom specialise in Pulsed Electric Field.