The Elea PEF Advantage B 1 is a compact, single-unit system that still provides all the benefits of PEF including improved quality, greater yield and thrilling potential for new snack products.

We’ve taken the technology and intelligence of the traditional PEF Advantage Belt system and reworked it to create a compact, all-in-one system that’s an affordable and flexible solution for businesses looking for output between 1 and 7.5 t/h.

The PEF Advantage B 1 optimises softening and cutting which allows our customers to find new product shapes that have never been seen before such as a spiral or twist, with much less fracturing. Crisp producers have found this particularly beneficial and are eagerly exploring these new possibilities.

This system benefits from the same quick start-up and low energy and water usage as the original PEF Advantage Belt system which improves processing efficiency, however, it has a much smaller physical footprint that slots seamlessly into the rest of the manufacturing process.

During the reduced-time deep-frying process, products treated by the PEF Advantage B 1 absorb less oil which results in an even and overall more attractive final colour.

Our state-of-the-art control system with touch screen panel means that the PEF process can be reliably and safely managed, and the operator has full control.

We’ve also built in the option to operate the PEF Advantage B 1  remotely, which means that maintenance and aftercare is a thorough service.

Elea PEF Advantage B 1

Continuous Treatment Belt & Pulse Generator


Up to 7.5 t/h of potato in a potato water mixture.


UL, ULc or CE.


Automated level control, water conductivity and temperature measurement.




4121 x 1347 x 1599 mm (LxWxH).


Approx. 1500 lt. +/- depending on working level.


1000 kgs. – Empty.


Supplied from generator.


Rectangular pulses with high energy efficiency.


Siemens PLC: Option of remote operation, maintenance and fault diagnosis. Touch screen operation. Display of processing parameters.


Various types of platforms to integrate system into existing installations.

Services Required


400/415 V, 50 Hz (3Phase/Ground), 32 A for B1 mini, 63A for B1.


Water supply to treatment belt.


6 bar.


DN150 Flange.


Our PEF Advantage B 1 systems are manufactured in our Quakenbrück facility in Germany. Each of our designers, engineers and system builders is an expert in the field of PEF.


The high-quality build and solid-state typology of the PEF Advantage B 1  system mean that you can have peace of mind that it will be able to withstand 24/7 operation, as well as low-cost maintenance.

Our compact and single-unit PEF Advantage B 1  systems are built to last and withstand high usage with little to no downtime, and our range of service contracts can include around the clock technical support too.


Our PEF Advantage B 1  systems can be tailored to our clients’ requirements. Fully scalable, we can create a bespoke system based on your design, software programming and mechanics needs.

We’ll make sure that our experts are working with you every step of the way, so even if you need a products processing solution such as a split-belt, we’ll be able to integrate it into your lines’ design.


We collaborate with our clients to ensure that they’re getting the most out of their PEF Advantage B 1  system and really unlocking the potential and benefits of PEF. You tell us about your product and application goal and we’ll develop a tailored treatment parameter.

Our PEF Advantage B 1  systems may be compact, but they’re also designed to work in conjunction with any standard processing control system and have been fully certified and accredited to be installed anywhere across the globe.

Will we need a full-time operator for our PEF Advantage B 1 system?

There’s no need for a full-time operator, we design our PEF Advantage B 1 systems to be run without one.

What maintenance is required for the PEF Advantage B 1 system?

Every year your PEF Advantage B 1 system should receive an annual inspection from the Elea service team. We’re taking continual steps to make our service options as easy and hassle-free as possible, however there are some parts of the B 1 system system that may need attention due to wear and tear. In addition, we recommend that our clients carry out a monthly PPM on their B 1 system which should only take an hour.

Are parts of the PEF Advantage B 1 system that come into contact with the product food grade?

Every part of the PEF Advantage B 1 system that has direct contact with your product is made from either Stainless Steel or CE and FDA listed plastics. All of our systems are supplied with certification for your records and reference too.

Are the metal parts of the PEF Advantage B 1 system passivated?

Certainly. We grit polish all the metal parts of the PEF Advantage B 1 system after welding, and every mental part is made from Stainless Steel 1.4301 or higher.

Can I download data and control the system remotely?

Yes. We can link to any factory Scada system and allow full access to our PLC and controls as if you were standing next to your PEF Advantage B 1 system. Additionally, if required we can log in from our office to assist with any issues.

Is it difficult to replace any PEF Advantage B 1 system parts?

Our PEF Advantage B 1 system is a plug-and-go solution with no additional set up needed. In the event any parts do fail, they are quick and easy to replace.

Does the PEF Advantage B 1 system special have any special cleaning requirements?

Does the PEF Advantage B 1 system special have any special cleaning requirements?

What utilities are needed for the PEF Advantage B 1 system?

You’ll need electric, water compressed air and separate cooling water for the generator.

Do Elea offer training for PEF Advantage B 1 operators and maintenance personnel?

Not only do we provide training for operators and maintenance personnel during installation of your B 1 system system, but we can undertake additional training at our Quakenbrück facility too. We’ll also provide copies of training material and tailor your training to your specific system.

Can the PEF Advantage B 1 system work with floating products?

It sure can. Due to its unique design, the PEF Advantage B 1 system is able to process both floating and sinking products as standard.

In 24-hours, how many water changes are needed in the PEF Advantage B 1 treatment tank?

Although it essentially depends on the product volume and cleanliness of the product, you can expect to need between four and six water changes every 24-hours. However, as the B 1  system automatically monitors and controls the water conductivity, it can drain small amounts of water from the tank and replace with fresh water.

Are all the electrical cabinets suitable for placing in wet areas?

Certainly. The electrical cabinets found on the PEF Advantage B 1 system are designed for this type of usage.

Can I use a closed loop water chiller to supply cooling for the PEF Advantage B 1 generator?

You can. Some of our customers prefer to use a closed loop cooling circuit for their PEF Advantage B 1 system generators using water or glycol with a minimum temperature of 15°C.

Will the PEF Advantage B 1 system treat my whole product evenly?

Yes, this is one of the main benefits of using PEF to treat your products. For example, every potato introduced to PEF in the water tank will be treated the same.


Not only do we provide PEF Advantage B 1 system installation, but our team of technical and PEF experts provide a complete training programme, maintenance and support, no matter where in the world you are.


Ensure your PEF Advantage B 1 system is operating under ideal conditions and with high performance. Whether you’re learning about yield, settings, up-time or safety, it’s so important that your operators and maintenance personnel are knowledgeable about the system.

We can offer on-site PEF Advantage B 1 system training that’s specific to your particular system configuration to make sure your staff are experienced in the PEF process.


Depending on the level of service option you choose, we’re able to send our team of highly-skilled staff to provide full installation and maintenance as and when you need it, no matter your location.

We’re also able to monitor and run diagnostics on your PEF Advantage B 1 system remotely, so even if it’s the middle of the night, our Customer Service department can still offer our support should you require it.


Your PEF Advantage B 1 system can be tailored, so the maintenance programme can be too. We offer proactive and preventative measures to keep you up and running and able to concentrate on creating exciting new snack ideas.

We’ll also conduct inspections to enhance your maintenance schedule and can replace any PEF Advantage B 1 system parts if needed so production up-time can be maximised.


Full crop, cutting and quality control with the PEF Advantage B 1 system and Elea Cut Control


Identify seasonal variations and effects quickly and easily so you can select the optimum PEF treatment conditions.

The Elea Cut Control measures the cutting force of tubers before and after PEF treatment then displays the results instantly.


PEF treatment using the PEF Advantage Belt system gets rid of seasonal variation in raw produce firmness to provide an even and consistent cut throughout the year.

The PEF treatment intensity can be easily monitored with the Cut Control to identify the ideal parameters for the best possible product yield, quality and flexibility.


Elea’s Cut Control is more cost-effective than a texture analyser and doesn’t need an extra computer to display results. Its robustness and portability make it the perfect device for PEF Advantage Belt system process control in industrial production lines.

The device comes with a range of cutting grids, sample preparation grid and a handy transport case too.

PEF Juice
PEF Juice