Enhance your production line, improve the quality of your product, save time and energy with Elea PEF Advantage systems.

PEF Advantage Pipe

Elea PEF Advantage Pipe

PEF Advantage Pipe systems process pumpable liquid and semi-liquid products – juices, syrups, mash and pumpable non-foods. PEF is a low-temperature alternative to pasteurization and HPP processing. PEF inactivates bacteria, increases shelf life and retains more natural nutritional value of the fresh product.

Reduce cost

PEF Advantage Belt

Elea PEF Advantage Belt

PEF Advantage Belt systems process solid food products such as roots, fruits and vegetables. PEF provides many benefits to a broad range of solid food products, such as improved cutting, greater yields, energy savings, improved quality and new product opportunities.

New product opportunities

PEF Pilot Dual

PEFPilot Dual

Fully configurable PEF solution for the piloting and production of liquid and solid foods

Pilot scale

Service Tools

Service Tools

Fully configurable PEF solution for the piloting and production of liquid and solid foods

Cutting control

Elea Pulsed Electric Field food processing enhances your production line, improves the quality of your product and provides savings in time and energy. PEF opens the cells of fresh produce (electroporation) resulting in significant increases in yield, freshness, flavour and nutritional preservation.

Find the right Elea PEF Advantage system for your product

Every Elea PEF Advantage system shares the same 24/7 production capability and is built to operate under extreme conditions.

Designed and built by Elea at our facility in Quakenbrück, Germany

From your initial brief to final installation, we quickly get your new PEF system working perfectly for your product.

Elea focuses on the highest quality manufacturing, customer requirements, short lead times and customer support

Each one of our systems is designed to be easily and fully integrated into your production line. PLC control and extensive monitoring options guarantee ease of operation.

Robust build and solid-state typology make our technology exceptionally reliable. Elea PEF machines are designed for 24/7 operation in any production environment. 

Our systems are built by our next-door neighbour and partner DIL e.V. (German Institute of Food Technology) https://dil-engineering.com , with personnel working in manufacturing, design, electrical, mechanical, and software programming. All of them experts in their field.

Our dedicated installation and field service team works closely with the customer to ensure the smooth and successful commissioning of our systems.

Elea field technicians focus on installation and maintenance to ensure worldwide customer service and proactive maintenance. With options for remote monitoring or service contracts, we provide each customer with around the clock technical support.

Fully control and optimise your PEF treatment with Elea support systems

Cut Control and PEF Control are two highly portable easy to use systems to help you get the best results from PEF.
Cut Control

Developed to measure the cutting force in roots, tubers and vegetables both before and after PEF treatments, Elea’s Cut Control is an important tool when it comes to product quality control.

PEF Control

The PEF Control has been developed to accurately measure the cell disintegration level in roots, tubers, vegetables, other food products, and small food like berries, both before and after PEF treatments.

By 2021 we have more than 250 systems installed worldwide

We are the worlds leading supplier of Pulsed Electric Field solutions to the food industry

Technical care and support

We offer a range of service options including remote monitoring and 24 hours support.

Installation and commissioning

Our specialist installation teams work closely with our customers to ensure a smooth, swift and successful commissioning of our systems into your production line.

24 / 7 / 365 Support

As part of our service contract we supply each customer with round the clock technical support. With our team of support engineers, options for remote maintenance and on-site spare parts, we keep you up, running and efficient.

Remote monitoring

Optionally the ELEA PEF-systems can be connected for remote diagnostic and supported by our Customer Service Department. For this option, ELEA can offer a specific package.

With our team of support engineers, options for remote maintenance and on-site spare parts, we keep you up, running and efficient.

Meet the Elea team

Prof. Stefan Töpfl

Managing Director

Jimmy Kinsella

Engineering Manager

Johannes Pfeiffer

Sales Manager
The Elea PEF Advantage Belt team includes process engineers, food and biotechnologists, mechanical and electrical engineers and more – all of whom specialise in Pulsed Electric Field.