28th May 2018. Bangkok, Thailand.

IFU, the International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Association, held its first IFU Juice Conference in Thailand. Attending the IFU Juice Conference offers the possibility to get first-hand insight into the global and also regional juice trends in Asia.

Enjoy a conference with well-known speakers who will give presentations, reaching from the most recent crop reports to global trends, from current sugar tax discussions to health and nutrition aspects. Followed by talks about sustainability and case studies for enhancing juice and juice products, extending shelf life, reducing waste, improving quality and reports about possibilities to apply technologies to tropical fruit processing to participants from Asia and beyond. The IFU Juice Conference is supported by Thaifex – World of Food Asia.

Elea’s juice expert Julian Witt is participating, holding a presentation about the use of our Pulsed Electric Field technology in the juice industry, outlining quality aspects and processing advantages.

Find more info here. Fotos attached to this text are credit to IFU.