The Elea manufacturing facility is currently manufacturing 16 systems for delivery over the next 3 months to customers. The systems range in application from juice processing to French fry production. With varies system capacities ranging from our SafeJuice™ 10 for liquid processing, our SmoothCut™ 10 and SmoothCut ™ 1000, for French fry lines. The 16 systems will be shipped to customers in Asia, North America and Europe.

As soon as the systems land at the customer the Elea installation team will arrive to assist our customers with the integration of the systems into their existing or new lines. Together with the Elea R&D team we work closely with the customer to ensure a smooth and successful installation.

Also in final testing at the moment is our new baby – the SmoothCut™ One. Designed for the potato chip market it is an integrated generator and belt in one unit, that is quick and easy to install into existing or new installations.