The 20th Ahlemer UHT Seminar was held from October 11th – 12th in Göttingen, Germany, an annual event especially related to the dairy food industry. Elea was represented by Dr. Stefan Toepfl, who conducted a presentation on non-thermal preservation in food by pulsed electric fields.

The application of pulsed electric fields to raw milk achieves a log reduction of 4.15 for E. Coli and L. Innocua at 30 °C. This low-heat inactivation method is also beneficial for concentrates before spray drying as well as for colostrum without changes in the natural flavor of the dairy product. In interaction with higher temperature levels, PEF allows significant inactivation rates of Listeria and E. Sakazakii.

About 20 Elea PEF systems for liquid applications have been installed worldwide. For example: one system for inactivation purpose in WPC (whey protein concentrate) in Korea and one system for the treatment of ice-cream mix in Italy. Proceeding costs amount to 1 ct/L (including a third of energy consumption) and the electrical parts are maintenance-free, whereas the electrodes have to be changed every two years.


The full text of this report by Roland Sossna (2016) can be found in this Link (report in German); Copyright: B&L MedienGesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Hilden, journal: molkerei-industrie.