Within our latest pilot scale trial at the Elea facilities, we produced green apple juice of outstanding colour and freshness.

That was possible by the combination of two excellent processing techniques, both enabling retention of fresh taste, preservation of higher nutritional value and improving the overall quality.
The Vaculiq vacuum filtration as a gentle pressing process avoids oxygen reaction with the freshly pressed apple juice. This results in the production of a bright green apple juice, without damage to valuable natural ingredients such as degradation of phenolic compounds or the occurrence of browning. By pumping the apple juice through the Elea CoolJuice™ system, the microorganisms were gently inactivated. In contrast to traditional thermal treatment, the quality, taste and health promoting ingredients were not affected by the PEF treatment. Thanks to the low temperature preservation by Elea Pulsed Electric Fields, the high quality of the fresh apple juice can be maintained for several weeks. In fact, with the two processes, Vaculiq vacuum filtration and Elea PEF technology combined, we achieved an amazingly fresh tasting apple juice with a bright green colour and a long shelf life.

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