We would like to invite you to attend the GDL-Symposium on non-thermal and alternative methods. The event takes place in Gerlingen, Stuttgart, Germany at November 20&21.

You can find the programme and details for your registration in the following flyer and on the official website.

Elea’s MD Stefan Töpfl will introduce you to the event, give a talk on ‘processes for the extraction and modification of ingredients’ and discuss with you ‘questions and answers regarding process evaluation and validation’. R&D Manager Claudia Siemer will be on site to talk about ‘Pulsed Electric Fields in the food industry’.

Further symposium topics on non-thermal and alternative processes are ohmic heating, pulsed light, plasma, ultra sound and many more.

Hope to meet you there!

Flyer: Nicht-thermische_und_alternative_Verfahren (in German)