We are proud to introduce our new and spacious pilot hall facilities.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can easily mimic industrial processes like frying, cutting, drying or a comparison of thermal and PEF processes. Our pilot hall is equipped with our continuous trial liquid system and our trial batch system to demonstrate the effect of pulsed electric fields for a variety of applications, such as gentle shelf-life extension of liquids, extraction from pumpable or solid material, drying enhancement or structure modification of different types of vegetables. In addition to the wide range of our own analytical methods, we have access to various laboratories to prove the effect scientifically.

Our pilot-scale systems not only offer the opportunity to demonstrate the effect of PEF on different materials; as they are easily scaled-up, they can also be used to run trials to find the best way for a successful implementation of ELEA’s PEF technology into industrial scale production.