“Process integration for rapid implementation of sustainable innovative food processing”

Novel food processing technologies for the improvement of food safety and the creation of products of higher quality have been further developed in recent years. However, the application in the industry is still limited to a rather small group of SMEs. The lack of standardized validation and control options of the various parameters has been identified as a limiting factor for a broader application. Therefore, the main objective of the project is the implementation of three prioritized innovative food processing technologies by validation of optimum process control under industrial conditions.

Due to their high Technological Readiness Level (TRL), Pulsed Electric Field Preservation (PEF), High Pressure Thermal Sterilization and Low Shear Extrusion have been identified as promising technologies for a successful market penetration.

As a part of the project, new sensors for PEF processing will be implemented and evaluated in order to achieve a reliable online monitoring system for temperature distribution and treatment intensity.

Based on the resultant data, a standardized HACCP concept to ensure process and product safety can be developed. The monitoring system will then be applied under real life operating conditions with a strong involvement of the relevant industry to prove the reliability and safety of the monitoring system. To prevent market failures, economic and potential analysis will define roadmaps for a successful market implementation strategy.

The project is scheduled for three years and will be conducted by four research and technology organizations and six industrial partners.

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