Pulsed Electric Fields Technology for the Food Industry

Fundamentals and Applications

A new PEF book has recently been published: Pulsed Electric Fields Technology for the Food Industry –  Fundamentals and Applications, edited by Javier Raso, Volker Heinz, Ignacio Alvarez, and our Elea Managing Director Stefan Toepfl.

Several chapters about PEF in the Potato Industry,  Drying Improving by PEF, Industrial Equipment Design and Process Validation and Hygienic Design for PEF Processing have been contributed by Elea colleagues from our R&D team: Kevin Hill (Food Engineer), Oleksii Parniakov (Principal Scientist) and Claudia Siemer (R&D Manager).

About this book

A growing interest in the multidisciplinary subject of PEF which has resulted in a major increase in the research activity, publications, training schools, conferences and applications in the food industry has emerged in the last years.

The concern of the food industry for making their activities more energy-efficient and sustainable has been an important driving force for conducting new research on PEF. There has been also an increased interest in the application of PEF as a pretreatment for the recovery of high-added value compounds from microbial cells for different applications in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or bio-fuel industries.

The development in the last 15 years of pulse power systems responding to the food industry requirements has allowed the successful transfer of the technology for industrial applications. Currently, different industrial scale PEF units for different applications are manufactured for different companies and more than 150 of these units have been installed in the food industry all around the world.

This second edition, which is the result of the effort enthusiasm and interest of many contributors, tries to provide comprehensive, updated information and a view of the current state of the art in fundamentals and applications of PEF for the food industry. All chapters have been updated or revised and 13 new chapters have been added to provide the latest information on electrochemical reactions, process validation, environmental impacts, performance analysis, legal regulations and application in the food industry. The chapters have been written by recognized authors from academia, industry and R&D laboratories from many different countries of the world. The book aims to have an interdisciplinary character addressing students, academia, consultants and industrial readership.

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