The research project about innovative Algae Processing (iAlgaePro) has now finished and the final results are available. Within the project PEF was used to stimulate the growth of Scenedesmus and different characteristics were studied afterwards. For the stimulation the PEF unit was connected to the tubular reactor and the culture was continuously treated. The analysis subsequently showed a partial increase in the nutraceutical potential, but also a decrease depending on the parameter studied. The algae culture was separated in different fractions. For example the algae hydrolysate after PEF treatment showed a higher antimicrobial activity and also a higher antioxidant capacity. Looking at these results, it is obvious that PEF has a major impact and makes the algae processing more valuable. Moreover, a 1.7 fold increase of polyphenol content was achieved. We as Elea do not want to stop at this point and want to know more about the PEF effect on algae.
Therefore, we started a new project together with Algae Holland within the Food2020. Within this new project, we will explore, if the previously obtained results can be transmitted to other algae types. Moreover, we want to look closer at the extraction of high valuable amino acids and to prove the positive effect of PEF for algae processing.