STeP is the Science and Technology Park of the Chiangmai University in Thailand. The park is equipped with several innovative technologies to provide start-ups and enterprises with the opportunity to research and develop novel product opportunities and test new process techniques.

One part of this park deals with the preservation of liquid applications, such as juices. Among other things, the HPP process and an aseptic filling plant are used. Now STeP has decided to invest in Elea Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology to inactivate microorganisms at low temperatures. PEF application enables an extended shelf life whilst retaining the taste, colour and nutritional value of the freshly squeezed raw product.

Together with TSUS Group, Elea’s representative for Thailand, they have installed an Elea PEFPilot system for a continuous process of liquid applications.

This trial system mirrors the process of larger PEF systems and can be used for research purposes. The design has focussed on a compact but versatile system allowing to process 250 l/h of pumpable products in a continuous mode. The PEFPilot system is set up together with a product inlet tank, a product outlet tank, as well a cooling system and a preheater for products that require a higher temperature.

The PEFPilot benefits from flexible treatment parameters that allow clients to experiment and discover the benefits of PEF on a lab scale. After the experimentation has been completed, clients can then move forward to replicate the process and PEF parameters and begin to experience the whole range of PEF benefits on a large industrial scale.

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