In September, the 2nd World Congress on Electroporation & Pulsed Electric Fields is taking place in Norfolk, US. All experts in electroporation whether for medical application, electronics or food application, will meet here and exchange their knowledge about PEF. In special sessions different presenters from all over the world will present their research studies. Join the conference and listen to our presentations on different topics.

Elea PEF experts will hold the following presentations:
The first presentation will be on the implementation of a CoolJuice PEF unit in a HACCP plan within a factory. The Critical Control Points (CCP´s) for a PEF treatment will be explained and how they are monitored.
Second presentation will deal with the improved drying of onions by PEF. All improvements in the process, such as reduction in drying time and temperature, and on the quality will be demonstrated.
The topic of the third presentation is the effect of PEF on casein micelles. Currently, more and more food products are low fat products, but fat is required for human intake of fat-soluble vitamins. PEF represents a robust and energy efficient technology for the inclusion of organic compounds, such as lipophilic vitamins, into the casein micelles. The mechanism of opening, inclusion and closing of micelles by PEF is shown in this presentation.

Additionally, our Managing Director Dr. Stefan Toepfl will be on hand to guide you through the special session on “Industry Applications of Pulsed Electric Field Systems” including presentations about large scale pulse modulator typologies, treatment chamber designs, application in vegetable processing industry and low heat preservation of fruit juices.

You are welcome to visit us at our booth during the conference. We look forward to meeting you in Norfolk.