Inka Crops is specialised in the production and marketing of gourmet and alternative snacks. The company has been funded in 2000 and is offering a wide variety of snacks of Peruvian origin with the highest standards in ingredients, processing and quality.

In 2019 Inka Crops and Elea have started a cooperation, testing PEF applicability on plantain and vegetable chips as well as Andean seeds in Elea´s pilot hall facilities. The work has shown the potential to improve raw material slicing and product yield, reduce frying time and temperature and enhance product texture and colour. In 2020 an industrial-scale PEF Advantage Belt system has been installed at Inka Crops for processing of potato, sweet potato, cassava, carrot and plantains.

“Since then we have been using the Elea PEF system for our potato, vegetable and plantain chips production” says Andres Abusada, CEO of Inka Crops. “We have been able to confirm process and product quality benefits, so PEF has become an important part of our production line”.

Stefan Toepfl, managing director at Elea: “we are very thankful and proud to work with Andres Abusada and the team of Inka Crops. It gives us great pleasure to see the worldwide expansion and market growth of Inka Crops’ innovative and high-quality products”.

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