One of the main applications of ELEA’s PEF technology is the inactivation of spoilage microorganisms in fresh products, such as juices or smoothies. Consequently, the shelf life can be extended without or with minor effects on the quality of the product, like taste or vitamin content. Fresh juices have a shelf life of only a few days, even under refrigeration. A preservation step in the production chain is required to extend the shelf life. Mostly, thermal processes are used, but these result in a destruction of heat sensitive ingredients, such as vitamins and aroma. Whilst PEF requires substantially less heat than that used in a conventional thermal process, the same microbial stability, can still be achieved, but with a quality equal to the untreated product. The results of a comparative study analyzing the microbial stability, vitamin content and organoleptic properties showed an overall higher quality of the PEF treated juice.

PEF treatment is a continuous process with low running costs and can easily be implemented into existing or new production lines. It offers products of superior quality with a natural taste and an extended shelf life.