Wernsing Feinkost GmbH, a German manufacturer of potato products and delicatessen salads, implemented one of the first Elea PEF systems into their French fry processing line in 2012, replacing their installed traditional preheater. The Elea PEF systems can handle throughputs of up to 50 t potatoes per hour. The pulsed electric fields contribute to cell breakdown in the processed potatoes, which results in a number of benefits for Wernsing including:

  • Improved cutting behavior resulting in less knife wear
  • Less breakage, reduced feathering and longer fries
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Smoother surface on the French fries
  • Reduced fat uptake
  • Eliminate odor and hygiene problems normally associated with preheating

Wernsing are so happy with the results of the Elea PEF system that they have in the last 3 years installed 3 additional Elea PEF systems on different lines, with processing volumes of between 20 and 50 t/hr. All of these lines are producing French fries and running 24/5.

Watch the successful implementation of an Elea PEF system in the Wernsing French fries production (2012) here: (Link to Film)

For more information about Wernsing, please visit: (Link to Wernsing Website)