Development of a switching device that enables a single generator to alternately supply two PEF treatment units on separate production lines.

Innovating the new PEF SWITCHING DEVICE by Eleas Engineering team allows future customers a more affordable solution for PEF use on multiple food production lines.

The project was funded by WIGOS thanks to its innovation funding program INNO OS.

The Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology for food treatment has gained widespread adoption in the food industry. Particularly in potato processing facilities, this technology has become state-of-the-art.

The PEF systems consist of two units: the generator for producing high-voltage pulses and the treatment unit, which is in direct contact with the product. Within the treatment unit, the high-voltage pulses are delivered to the product, thus conducting the PEF treatment.

PEF systems are also becoming common in vegetable processing. Many vegetable processing facilities operate multiple production lines, which may not run simultaneously. To facilitate PEF treatment across these lines, multiple PEF systems are required.

Investing in two or more PEF systems can be financially demanding. Furthermore, space availability is a crucial factor.

Given the limited space within production areas, the introduction of the new switching mechanism enables substantial space savings.

Hence, Elea has developed and manufactured a switching device, which allows alternating use of a PEF generator between two different production lines. This mechanism is structured to mechanically shift high currents between the two lines, with a simple switch of a lever and selection on the control panel.

Even during the production phase of the switching device, Elea secured an additional order as a result of a successful system sale. This strategic move enables Elea to offer a more affordable solution for PEF treatment across multiple production lines, consequently appealing to a wider range of potential customers.